St. John's Episcopal Church

Dear St. John’s Parishioners:

This is a much earlier version of my normal January letter, but since the agenda of visiting priests is almost complete, I thought it would be good to get the information out to the parish.

Our 2022 summer season will be 12 weeks beginning June 19, 2022 and concluding September 4, 2022 due to Labor Day falling on September 5, 2022.  

Our schedule of visiting priests is as follows:

  • June 19 and 26, 2022:  The Reverend Frederick B. Northup

  • July 3, 10 and 17, 2022:  The Reverend Geoffrey Piper

  • July 24, 31 and August 7, 2022:  The Reverend Paul Jeanes

  • August 14, 21, and 28, 2022:  The Rev. Dr. Tim Mitchell

  • September 4, 2022:  Rev. Dr. J. Barrington Bates

Also, as noted in the Harbor Light of September, 2021, the St. John’s 2021 Community Fund distributed $115,000.00 in grant funds to 14 eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, bringing the total distribution over 36 years to approximately $1.2 million to the local community.

 J. Hord Armstrong, III
Senior Warden

July 11, 2022 Update

Dear St. John’s Parishioners:

It is a great pleasure to welcome you back for our first complete in-person summer season in three years! The toll
exacted on the parish has not been insignificant, financially and service-wise. It was a joy to have our first wedding
in over three years on June 25, 2022, and we offer our most sincere congratulations to Marie Kyle and Webster

Also, it is a treat to welcome the Rev. Geoffrey T. Piper and his wife, Leslie Thayer Piper, and their family to St.
John’s and to Harbor Springs. The Pipers will be with us through Sunday, July 17. Thank you for welcoming them!
As mentioned above, the pandemic and the current economic issues have presented problems for all to confront.
St. John’s and the St. John’s Community Fund are not exempt from these issues. I urge the parish to be generous in
your thoughts of both entities. Mopsy Crawford will express her thoughts and feelings about the petitions and
requests we are receiving from the 501c3 communities we serve in Harbor Springs and Emmet County in her
communication as well.

The church and vicarage are in superior physical condition, and the parish’s past and present members have allowed
us to maintain the properties as such! For this we are most appreciative.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, best wishes, in faith.
​J. Hord Armstrong, III, Senior Warden


The St. John’s Community Fund was established by The Reverend Al Shands in 1985 as a way for our small summer
Chapel to expand its ministry of grace and hope to the surrounding community. Since its inception 37 years ago, the
Fund has awarded over 1.3 million dollars.

The intention of the Fund is to assist local social and family service nonprofits in their critical work addressing the
current problems facing the elderly, children and families in Emmet County.

The Fund’s work today remains as vitally important as it did when the first grants were awarded from our parish.
Perhaps our work is even more critical this year because of the catastrophic, lingering results of the Covid pandemic.

This year, St. John’s Community Fund has received 14 requests for funding. For this newsletter, we are highlighting 3
of the nonprofits who need our help.

Northmen Den Youth Programs: money to continue to provide supplemental weekend food for Harbor Springs
Middle and High School students. Many of these students live in at-risk households who do not have the income to
provide enough food for their families.

Harbor Springs Public Schools: money for scholarships for child care at The Blackbird Center (ages 0-6) and The
Harborage (ages 7-12). Of all the grants our church awards, this one inspires the most thank-you notes from overburdened parents who would otherwise not have the funds for safe child care for their children while they work.

Women’s Resource Center: money for specialized therapeutic counseling for survivors of rape and domestic abuse.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the statistics on these two crimes have greatly increased in Emmet County.
As you can see, the needs of our community are great. Please consider being a part of the work of St. John’s
outreach to our community by making a donation. You can drop a check (please designate that your check is to be
directed to the SJCF) in the offering plate during church or mail one to: P.O. Box 52, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Mopsy Crawford, Community Fund Chair


Here’s what you can look forward to hearing musically in our remaining worship services this summer!

  • July 17 – Bay View Vocal Quartet and a brass soloist
  • July 24 – Bay View Vocal Quartet and tenor soloist
  • July 31 – Bay View Brass Ensemble and tenor soloist
  • August 7 – Bay View Brass Ensemble and brass soloist
  • August 14 – Bay View’s American Spiritual Intensive Vocal Ensemble
  • August 21 – Amazing Grace Singers
  • August 28 – Amazing Grace Singers and Jamie Platte, soprano soloist
  • September 4 – Amazing Grace Singers and Steve Spencer, baritone soloist

And finally, we’re hoping to have a special concert given to dedicate our new Kawai grand piano later this summer –
watch for details!!

Peter D. Sims, Music Director